Pobre Ana travel assignment

In my spanish 1 class I read a book called Pobre Ana. This book takes place in mexico, so to get more familiarized with the setting and the culture I labeled a map of the states and capitals of mexico. On the same map I compared Guadalajara, mexico city, tepic and nayarit´s populations to the Texas and its state capital Austin populations. Doing this gave me a better understanding of how big the country is and that their capitals are similar to ours. I also made a google slide presentation of 10 places/ things to see in Mexico and two were from the state of Nayarit(the character lives in this state for a duration of the book). Doing this project helped me understand the culture and geography of the spanish speaking country. If I were to take a trip to mexico I would hope to go to the Frida Kahlo museum in Mexico city, mexico so I can get a glimpse into the cultural art of mexico. Lastly, another place I would enjoy going to is El Castillo in Tinum, Yucatan, Mexico it is a structure built as early as 600 AD and to see something that historical and ancient would be amazing. 

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